ETKM Goals for each Training Level of Krav Maga

LEVEL ONE (Yellow Belt)
Striking and Movement – basic striking for self defense (straight punches, elbows, knees, kicks); basic stance and movement

Control – Head and Neck control, Arm Drag, Duck Under

Self Defense – Defend against basic chokes and rear headlock, Basic punch defense against straight and haymaker punches, Defense against basic takedowns

Ground — Movement on ground when attacker is standing, kicks from ground, getting up

LEVEL TWO (Orange Belt)
Striking and Movement – Hooks, uppercuts, and combinations that include punches, elbows, knees, and kicks; basic understanding of clinch management; ability to defend against skilled punches and low kicks

Control – 2 on 1 Russian Arm, Rear Head Lock, Front Head Lock

Self Defense – Defend against bearhugs and more difficult chokes and headlocks

Ground – Escape full mount; maintain full mount; basic control from guard; escape from guard

LEVEL THREE (Green Belt)
Striking and Movement – Competency in stand up fighting (combinations, defenses, movement); competency in clinch management; introduction of more difficult kicks; ability to defend medium and high kicks

Control – 2 on 1 Russian Arm, Sweeps forward and back, Takedown, neck takedown

Self Defense – More difficult bear hug positions and headlocks

Ground – Escape from side control; maintain side control; basic attacks and defenses from guard (arm bar, arm triangle, kimura, guard sweep)

LEVEL FOUR (Blue Belt)
Striking and Movement – Advanced kicks; fight strategy and tactics (understand range, etc.), higher level of skill in fighting at all ranges

Control – Stand up and Ground positional flow, Bearhug to Headlock

Self Defense – Basic defenses v. gun and stick

Ground – Sweeps and basic takedowns; attacks and defenses from side control; by the end of blue belt, the practitioner should show competency in all full mount, side control, and guard including attacking and defending.

LEVEL FIVE (Brown Belt)
Striking and Movement – Advanced Kicks; fighting competency at all ranges including ground fighting.

Control – Neck Takedowns, Hip bumps, Snap downs, Head and arm control

Self Defense – Defense vs Knives and Long Guns; Advanced defenses v. Handgun; Full Nelson defenses; judo throws

Ground – Continued competency in ground sparring; using tactics and positions to dominate