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Advanced Krav Maga Gear Package


Advanced Krav Maga Gear Package 00012

Shin Guards

Molded Muay Thai-style shin and instep protection.
Durable Synthetic leather shell.
Held securely by elastic straps at the feet and two 1.5" wide synthetic leather nylon web straps at the calves. Velcro closure for easy on-off.

MMA Gloves

Open palms.
Weighs 6 oz.
Thick, 2 inches of advanced protective padding over the knuckles.
Extra wide velcro wrist strap for extra support.
Dual cross directional strap system for ultimate wrist support and striking performance, one strap is elasticated which is coverd by seconed leather strap after.
Made of genuine leather

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Advanced Krav Maga Gear Package