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Ladies Self Defense


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All ladies no matter your physical makeup, disabilities or age. We will train you were your at! REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM and BECOME YOUR OWN BODYGUARD!

This course series is designed to walk ladies down the path of bodyguard principles for protection.
Focusing on close proximity threats and fighting to escape or gain distance to a higher weapon system to survive. Whether it be a gun, knife or other resource in their area to equalize the situation we will train it all and will address any issue we can as they come.
Whether your in a public place or at home learn a proven craft that has been taught all over the world to help you and those you care about home safe.
Each course will have refresher on the last with new subject matter as we progress down the path and will run consecutive monthly trainings of various topics and tactics. Jump in any course and be prepared to take your self protection to the next level and BECOME YOUR OWN BODYGUARD!
East Texas Krav Maga and Freedom Defense Instructors
$60 a person – ages 12 and up may attend with parent/guardian.

Gear needed -water , snacks , closed toe shoes ,your chosen carry device ,handguns unloaded prior to class .Trainer sidearms or other defensive tools can be provided at no cost . All firearms will be checked in with safety officer upon arrival .

$60 In stock
Number of Participants 1 (0) 2 (40) 3 (80) 4 (120)