What do you feel when you walk alone in the dark? That unsettled prickling at the back of your neck is because you know if you’re a woman, you’re vulnerable. You can change that. Krav Maga gives you not just solid self-defense training, but also a steel core, strong legs and shapely shoulders. Fight Like a Girl When someone says you fight like a girl, it’s usually an insult. It says you’re weak and ineffective. Boys grown up wrestling and hitting. Girls don’t typically engage in types of play that teach self-defense. Women are smaller than men and typically have less muscle mass. Even the most athletic women know there’s someone out there bigger, stronger, and full of malicious intent. Learning Krav Maga gives women tools to fight that anxiety. It changes the way students evaluate potentially threatening situations and teaches immediate proactive response. When you fight like a girl, your attacks are deadly. Become a Lethal Weapon Anyone can use Krav Maga to defend themselves. Krav Maga was developed in Israel, where everyone is required to serve in the military. In Hebrew it means “contact combat” Defense forces needed techniques that weren’t dependent on size, strength or physical ability. It was designed with instinctive movements that allow anyone to defend themselves. Krav Maga prepares you to respond to real-life threats. Learn to deal with muggings, sexual assault and other dangers. Never Freeze When most people are attacked, they flinch, panic or freeze. Krav Maga trains you to do the opposite, to respond decisively and explosively. You’ll learn the defense for specific attacks, then practice under stress. We’ll yell at you, push you with pads, or have you spin in a circle before you’re attacked. Practice your response in tough situations over and over until you’re inoculated against panic. If attacked, you’ll automatically detonate. Shape Problem Areas Arms – Punching, elbowing and palm strikes sculpt strong biceps, triceps and shoulders. Core – Everything about Krav Maga engages your core. Round kicks and other combatives make your abs into steel. Legs and Butt – Front and round kicks strengthen your legs. Side kicks sculpt your inner and outer thighs. Back kicks slim and shape your butt. Repeated front and back movement makes your calves strong and shapely. Weight Loss – Krav Maga’s high intensity cranks up your heart rate to incinerate calories and burn fat, both during and after class. Increase Confidence Knowing you can fend off an attacker increases confidence and independence. You’re not afraid of freezing up, and you know you can hit like a freight train. That idea of not being a victim will flow into other areas of your life. You won’t just have confidence when you feel physically threatened, but in other situations where you previously felt weak or at a disadvantage. When attackers look at you, they see someone small, feminine, weak. They see prey. Develop the confidence that comes from knowing your body is a powerful defense weapon. Start training today. Contact East Texas Krav Maga to find out more.   About the Author: Melissa Ticer offers blogging and SEO content for East Texas business. She has over three years of training as a student at East Texas Krav Maga.   Sources: https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/krav-maga.aspx https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Reasons-Do-Krav-Maga-37289760 https://infinityhousemagazine.com/why-women-should-learn-krav-maga/  

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