Right now, if someone attacked you, could you get to your weapon? Carrying a gun or pepper spray isn’t a bad idea, but it can create a false sense of security. Most violent attacks happen suddenly, so time is a luxury you might not have. Your attacker isn’t going to wait while you dig around in your purse or vehicle. Often you would have to take your eyes off of or turn your back to an attacker to retrieve your weapon. The valuable seconds you waste could mean the difference between life and death. Regular Krav Maga training makes you a weapon. Learn how to react instinctively to overwhelm your attacker and keep you and your family safe. Here are some of the situations you’ll learn to defend against. When Someone Takes a Swing
  • Inside defense – When your attacker comes straight at you and sends a blow toward your face or upper body, inside defense teaches you how to deflect the punch.
  • Outside defense – If the attack comes from above, to the side or down low, Krav Maga teaches 360 degree defense.
If You’re Restrained
  • Choke defenses – If someone tries to strangle you from the front, back, side, or against a wall, even if they’re pushing you, Krav Maga teaches a quick escape and counter-attack.
  • Bearhug defense – if your attacker restrains you from any angle, whether your arms are caught or free, even if a much larger attacker lifts you off the ground, Krav Maga trains you how to get away.
  • Wrist releases and arm pulls – If someone grabs you by the wrist or the arm and tries to drag you places you don’t want to go, Krav Maga teaches you how to escape their grip and follow up with an attack that makes them wish they hadn’t tried.
When Your Attacker Has a Weapon Gun, knife, and stick defense — For many people, their worst nightmare involves an attack with a gun, knife or blunt object. Krav Maga trains students to redirect the weapon, control the weapon, attack violently, and take it away in seconds. On the Ground Ground fighting — Krav Maga never trains you to stay on the ground, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Krav Maga teaches moving, kicking and grappling so you can get up as quickly as possible. Would you know what to do if you were faced with the attacks listed above? Regular training at East Texas Krav Maga will make you lethal, so you never have to be afraid. Sign up for your free trial today. About the Author: Melissa Ticer offers blogging and SEO content for East Texas business. She has over three years of training as a student at East Texas Krav Maga.   Sources: Print Resource: Principles of Krav Maga  

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