Too often those interested in self-defense and fitness training are forced to choose between programs that never quite fit their needs. Some want self-defense training while others need an alternative to endless hours at a boring gym. Unfortunately most self-defense and martial arts schools are not capable of meeting the needs of a broad range of clients, and because of that training options are limited – UNTIL NOW!

For the first time self-defense, fitness, and force training are combined to create a truly unique program that fits the needs of everyone coming to our training center. Whether your goal is to get into shape, learn how to defend yourself, or a combination of the two, East Texas Krav Maga is the place for you.

Our Focus is You the Student

East Texas Krav Maga has designed its programs and facilities with one person in mind – the client. Our instructors are nationally certified and evaluated on a continual basis. Training drills, methods, and even the curriculum are constantly improved to ensure that you receive the best training available. Don’t be fooled by programs that teach watered-down self-defense programs. At East Texas Krav Maga you can be certain that you are receiving nothing but the best training.