Armed Citizen Tactics

On one hand, you have Firearms training all over the USA.  On the other hand, there are Martial Arts and Self-Defense schools on every corner.  Those two never met.  Until now.

ACT or Armed Civilian Tactics was created to literally bridge the gap between hand-to-hand training and firearms training. Raise your hand if you think standing at a range shooting at a piece of paper for accuracy equals anything near a real-life?  Most shootings start in a physical altercation.  Most shootings don’t end when someone is shot.  You MUST put all the pieces together if you want to effectively protect yourself and your family and children from real violence.

  • The worlds most effective empty hand defenses against weapons, Krav Maga.
  • Real life reaction weapon retention techniques that are so simple, you’ll do them in your sleep.
  • Access or draw your weapon at the right time, not because you think it’s time.
  • Practice shooting under REAL STRESS!  You know, the way you’re going to feel if someone is trying to kill you.
  • Real tactics for your home, not for a SWAT team or high-speed military unit.  Just you, your kids, and a couple of bad guys in your house…cops are 4 minutes away…3, 2, 1, GO.

ACT is the solution for us ordinary folk who forgot to order our flash-bang grenades and left our riot shields in our other pants.

ACT truly bridges the gap between martial arts or hand to hand training with real life firearms skills.  Training 1 without the other in today’s environment is simply only being half prepared.