Krav  Maga training for Law Enforcement

ETKM's LE Training Division mission is accomplished through a series of programs uniquely designed to provide the right solution at the right time for your personnel.

Modules of training include but are not limited to: 

  • Combatives training which utilize unique training methods. These methods are designed to develop in one the ability to go from a passive state to an aggressive state without hesitation. This involves training under extreme stress in order to test one’s ability to complete a given task while being interfered with by a third party, while their attention is distracted / divided and while suffering from other stimuli including confined space and fatigue.
  • Personal Tactics and Self-Defense. To include defensive tactics against the most common and frequently used grabs, chokes and headlocks. 
  • Defensive measures to disarm and neutralize an assailant who is armed posing an imminent threat with a handgun, long gun, edged weapon, or blunt object.
  • Arrest and control tactics to include: arm controls, escorts, takedowns, searching, handcuffing and team tactics.
  • Handgun retention (in the holster, out of the holster, standing and on the ground).
  • Weapon retention and combatives for Long Gun and Sub-Machine Gun.
  • Third Party Protection to include defenses against assassination attempts and hostage rescue.
  • Training in full gear and in adverse conditions utilizing environmental obstacles to reinforce the training.  

Private Courses

We have a facility that include a matted training floor, shoot house (simunitions), and the ability to park cars inside.  This makes it perfect  to provide private training for Law Enforcement and it's many scenario training needs.

Custom Courses

We recognize that each unit/agency has a unique mission and may work with different equipment and in different environments. We would be honored to customize a program to meet your needs.