Unleashing the Power of Lee Morrison's Self-Defense Philosophy: A Close Alignment with Krav Maga



In the world of self-defense, Lee Morrison stands out as a remarkable figure whose philosophies and training approaches closely align with the principles of Krav Maga. Although he is not a Krav Maga practitioner per se, his insights and methods resonate deeply with the ethos of this renowned self-defense system. In this article, we delve into Morrison's transcript to explore the key principles and attitudes that mirror the effectiveness and empowerment found in Krav Maga.

Attack First: Morrison's Core Principle

Lee Morrison's philosophy shares a core principle with Krav Maga: "Attack first. Keep attacking until it's finished." This straightforward yet powerful idea underscores the importance of taking the initiative in self-defense. Whether one practices Krav Maga or adheres to Morrison's approach, the essence remains the same – proactive and decisive action to neutralize threats swiftly.

Morrison's perspective is clear: "So it doesn't matter what you use to do that, as long as you've got the attitude and the ability to hit hard and you do it before he does it, you should win." This aligns perfectly with Krav Maga's emphasis on efficient and preemptive counterattacks.

The Role of Emotional State in Self-Defense

Understanding the significance of the emotional state is paramount in both Krav Maga and Lee Morrison's philosophy. Morrison highlights the fusion of mood and physiology in shaping our emotional state. He draws parallels between individuals who radiate negativity and those who exude positivity.

Morrison's message resonates strongly: "Put your body language where you want your mind or mental state to be." This underscores the shared belief that altering one's physiology can directly influence emotional readiness, a critical aspect of effective self-defense.

Constructive Emotional State for Self-Defense

Both Krav Maga and Morrison's philosophy emphasize the need for a constructive emotional state before, during, and after a confrontation. Fear and negative emotions can be debilitating in a threatening situation. Instead, cultivating an emotional state characterized by calmness, confidence, awareness, and preparedness is essential.

This emotional state should be harnessed immediately before a confrontation to access one's ability to confront the threat effectively, whether practicing Krav Maga or adhering to Morrison's principles.

Acknowledging the Ugly Reality of Violence

Morrison does not sugarcoat the harsh reality of violence, a sentiment shared by Krav Maga practitioners. He acknowledges that violence is inherently ugly and antisocial, regardless of motive. The key difference lies in one's reasons for resorting to violence.

In Morrison's view, "If I have to fight, it's because you made me a cornered animal, and I had no choice." This perspective highlights the shared belief that motive plays a critical role in self-defense, differentiating it from unwarranted aggression.

The Power of Contemplating Loss

A central tenet of both Krav Maga and Morrison's philosophy is the power of contemplating loss. Both emphasize envisioning the devastating consequences of inaction in life-threatening situations. By visualizing the impact on loved ones and oneself, individuals can transform fear into indignation, a potent motivator.

Morrison stresses, "I will do whatever it takes to make that happen." This belief system, grounded in self-importance, confidence, and indignation, forms a potent mental foundation for dealing with violence, mirroring the values held by Krav Maga practitioners.

Moving Beyond Survival

Krav Maga and Morrison's philosophy challenge the conventional notion of merely surviving a violent encounter. Both advocate for the mindset of winning, of prevailing, of ensuring that you are the one who goes home.

In Morrison's words, "I go beyond survival. My ultimate objective is to win. It's to prevail." This shared outlook compels individuals to take aggressive, decisive action when their lives are on the line, whether they are Krav Maga practitioners or followers of Morrison's teachings.


Lee Morrison's self-defense philosophy, though distinct from Krav Maga in practice, closely aligns with the principles that make Krav Maga effective and empowering. His emphasis on proactive action, emotional readiness, and the recognition of the harsh reality of violence mirrors the core beliefs of Krav Maga. Whether you practice Krav Maga or embrace Morrison's approach, the shared ethos of preparedness, determination, and the will to protect oneself and loved ones unites these two powerful self-defense systems.