Krav Maga training you to be Left of Bang

Immersive Training and “Left of Bang”In the realms of military strategy and personal safety, the concept of being “left of bang” represents a pivotal shift in how we approach situational awareness and threat recognition. Coined by Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley in their seminal work, “Left of Bang,” this principle underscores the importance of anticipation and readiness—staying ahead of…

TACMED for Advanced Krav Maga training

In real-world scenarios, the risk of injury during an armed confrontation is significant. Whether it’s a knife slash, a gunshot wound, or trauma from a blunt object, the likelihood of either the defender or an innocent bystander getting hurt is high. This reality underscores the need for Krav Maga practitioners, especially those dealing with weapon defense, to be proficient in…

Overcome the Paralysis of Fear

At ETKM, we believe in the power of controlled exposure to stress. Through simulated scenarios that mimic real-life threats, students gradually learn to manage their fear and anxiety. This method, akin to immersion therapy, allows the body and mind to get accustomed to the stress of a confrontation. Over time, this exposure reduces the intensity of the freeze response.

"Train More…Fear Less!" Not just a mantra, It's in our DNA.

“Train More…Fear Less!” Not just a mantra, It’s in our DNA.Krav Maga is a self-defense system that focuses on practical techniques to protect oneself in real-life situations. At the heart of Krav Maga training is the mantra “Train More…Fear Less!” This philosophy is based on the idea that the more a person trains, the more confident and capable they become,…

Understanding Physiology & Psychology of Violence for Krav Maga students

The book “On Combat” written by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman can be a valuable resource for Krav Maga students as it provides insights into the psychology of violence and how it affects the body and mind. In addition, Cooper’s Color Code, which is discussed in the book, can be an essential tool for mental awareness and preparedness.