The Krav Maga System

Without developing aggressiveness or fighting spirit, the techniques will not matter because under duress the defender will be unable to react in a timely or effective manner...Read More

Principled Approach to Self Defense

Principles are the cornerstone of the Krav Maga's approach to Self Defense...Read More

New Students Guide to Krav Maga 

How to get a Jump start on your training.  What to expect, how to get through the hurdles and what to expect as a new Krav Maga Student. 

The Roots of Krav Maga 

From it's infancy Krav Maga was a mix of the best systems.  From Israel to the United States and the growth of the system as we know it today.

Class Etiquette

 Everything from keeping the school clean to knowing how we safely train with our partners. 

Tool Developement 

Hands, elbows, Knees, Feet, and Head...Develope your weapons to make them more effective.

How do ETKM's Midterms and Testings Work?

Our structured curriculum and comprehensive testing process are designed to guide you every step of the way. Here's what you need to know.

Training for Aggression

 Aggression is a key component to Krav Maga's success in the battlefield.  How to find it, harness it, and control it.

Goals for each Training Level

Level 1-5 training goals for each level. From Combatives, Control, Defenses, Ground work, and Drills.